Its been awhile!

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hi my remaining followers. I understand I haven’t posted anything in a LONG time. I apologize. I haven’t kept up with word press and I should be posting plenty of pictures soon. so hold tight.



Cancer research.

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Hi im blogging to tell you about this picture. A person I know asked me if I can donate a picture. I felt honored to donate a picture so I asked which charity? The picture is for St. Judes cancer treatment. I learned that kids lived longer or their survival chances with cancer based on this research.  That inspired me so i was glad to do it. please comment about it see what you think . I like a second opinion.


My emblem!

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new elements

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Trying something new, tell me what you think. Done with lead pencil 0.7.


People that i love

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This was drawn a long time ago. This two people are some of my favorite poeple. Hope you like it.

Realism in a picture

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HI you guys. This drawing  was from inspiration of artboy68. His work was amazing and inspired me to do this picture. His work consists of drawing avatars or profile pictures and make them into minature portraits. Please check out his work and send him thoughtful comments or send him your picture.


 Thanks artboy68 for inspiring me. 😀


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just getting into the spirit! 😀